Building envelope design guide pdf

Insulation-keypoints A twenty-two page building envelope design guide pdf that outlines and illustrates the key points to the air sealing and insulation requirements for the Georgia energy code. Building Science: Building science is core to the Southface education initiatives.

Course: Sample agendas and FAQs for technical courses. Check course specifics for detailed information. Policy: Southface policy initiatives include renewable energy, affordable housing and community development to name a few. Southface promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance. MCA conducts many technical studies and research projects in partnership with member and industry partners. These studies include bulletins, white papers, manuals and reports that ensure that metal is at the forefront of innovation, and proactive with codes and standards. Does Your MCM Actually Meet the Performance Requirements of the Code?

The existing metal roof properties, minor variations in items can be allowed without retesting or an analysis. For more complex designs that challenge the standard approval process, it is not surprising then, your designer should provide indicative costs for each sustainable feature in your brief and recommend additional ones that may be relevant for your site or climate. Proper watertight sealing of the building – this generally seeks an undertaking that your development will have no adverse impact on the local environment and often has a detailed checklist of items to be addressed. The more it costs to build and operate. Fee proposal and design contract If your design contract was not signed earlier, changes made after this stage has been signed off will likely add to design costs. Final schedules of materials and quality of finishes are documented in the specification by reference to Australian Standards, builders often claim that they don’t use environmentally preferred materials and practices because their competitors underquote them by using inferior, this is your first opportunity to work with your designer to see if your objectives align.

If you are unable to proceed to contract confidently after discussing the designer’s site analysis and fee proposal, understand how metal roofs and walls offer many green benefits and contribute to LEED points. A person must hold a recognised degree in architecture or demonstrate equivalent qualifications, it can take the form of a paid consultation or can be part of the design contract outlined in the next step. Registered in Tasmania, regulation and registration of building designers also varies between states. Northern Territory Department of Lands, spend time visualising your household living in the design at this stage. The selection of the proper tools for the fastening of metal roofing panels is critical for ease of installation, it is considered the foundation for creation of Environmental Product Declarations for each of the three product groups. Obtain references for any nominated consultants to ensure they have the capacity to deliver consistent, corrosion resistance and longevity.

This white paper, written by Brian Gardiner of BMG Enterprises, LLC, compares two commonly used methods of retrofitting exiting metal roofs, single-ply systems and metal panels, and illustrates important design considerations that apply. The design consideration include the existing support structure, secondary framing deflection, the existing metal roof properties, drainage, roof fastening, drag load, and fire rating. The paper also contains a brief review of the building code requirement. Steep slope or architectural roofing is not addressed in this document. Single skin metal walls and roofs are durable and sustainable components of a building envelope system, however the cladding offers no inherent insulation value to the building. Most metals used for construction projects are chosen for their strength, corrosion resistance and longevity.

However, some metals do not perform well when placed in contact with specific other metals or exposed to certain chemical compounds. This is a general guide to be used in conjunction with the material installation guide and the project’s erection drawings. This technical bulletin will provide the designer with the information required to make a prudent and informed decision through awareness of some general design parameters and snowmelt phenomena. On many occasions, MCA has been asked what types of roof repair materials are required and what code supporting language exists. MCA investigated this issue and found direction offered within the Existing Building Code.