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5 billion as of February 2018. Kjeld was born 27 December 1947 in Billund, Denmark. His father, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen worked with his grandfather, Ole Kirk Christiansen, in the family business: Lego. Kjeld and his billionaire boy book pdf, Camilla, live in Denmark and have three children and two grandchildren.

His youngest daughter is the danish dressage rider Agnete Kirk Thinggaard. He has received many awards in his professional career. 2008: he was inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame. The Toy Hall of Fame was established in 1984 to recognize those people who have contributed most significantly to the toy industry. Meet The Richest Billionaire In Every Country”.

LEGO Legend Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen to be Inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame”. This page was last edited on 16 February 2018, at 13:14. Ben, a boy, hates having to stay with his Granny every Friday because his parents go to see a dancing show named “Strictly Stars Dancing”. He finds her boring and repetitive because his Granny always feeds him cabbage-related dishes, most commonly cabbage soup, and they are constantly playing Scrabble, plus her television hasn’t been working since the 1990s. One day, Ben calls his parents at Granny’s house and asks them to take him home. Mum and Dad ignore Ben and disapprove of the proposal. It is suggested that his Gran overhears the conversation as he cannot hear her snoring.

The next morning, his Granny seems somewhat depressed and disappointed. That same morning, Ben is served boiled eggs by Granny, which Ben doesn’t like and he flicks the runny egg gloop onto a window. So, Ben searches for a biscuit tin which he knows held some delicious chocolate biscuits. To his surprise, the tin feels much heavier than usual.

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