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This report summarizes the thinking from our 2017 National Conference of Caregiver Advocates,” noted Michael Wittke, Director of Advocacy at the Alliance. Research has shown an economic and health impact of caregiving on our society-at-large, and we should treat caregiving as a societal issue. The National Alliance for Caregiving, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and advocacy on behalf of family caregivers, has released an advocacy report, From Insight to Advocacy: Addressing Family Caregiving as a National Public Aging with grace pdf Issue. The report identifies actions that can be taken to understand and address the impact of family caregiving on the public’s health.

12th Annual National Conference of Caregiver Advocates in March 2018, which will focus on engaging family caregivers across the lifespan. The report describes family caregiving and the major caregiving issues affecting public health, including actions that can be taken specifically by state and local coalitions, health systems, and policymakers. The report also cites common data sources, identifies barriers to providing care within the aging network, and offers strategies on what caregiving advocates can do to get engaged. Subject-matter authors contributing to the report include Jennifer Wolff, Ph. Rick Greene, MSW, the National Alliance for Caregiving.

The report was made possible through grant funding from Genentech. The report will be used as a resource for the upcoming 12th Annual National Conference of Caregiver Advocates on March 26, 2018, which the Alliance will host in conjunction with the American Society on Aging in San Francisco. The one-day meeting of caregiving advocates will examine how public-private partnerships in caregiving across the lifespan can begin to address issues affecting the population as a whole. Established in 1996, the National Alliance for Caregiving is a non-profit coalition of national organizations focusing on advancing family caregiving through research, innovation, and advocacy. The Alliance conducts research, does policy analysis, develops national best-practice programs, and works to increase public awareness of family caregiving issues. Questions about a news article you’ve read?

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