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This degree reflects current research-informed teaching and innovation within the sector. Throughout the course, students have access to specialist equipment and facilities including our sports laboratory, endless pool and fitness suite. The School boasts modern state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, housed within the Human Performance Centre, enabling cutting edge research, assessment and training of health, physical fitness and technique. A number of the modules on the degree programme align to the professional standards of industry recognised qualifications such as Gym Instruction, Personal Training and Exercise Referral. Students have access to specialist equipment, housed within the Human Performance Centre, enabling cutting edge research, assessment and training of health, physical fitness and technique. Is This Course Right For Me? This course should be considered by students who have an interest and a background in Physical Education, sport or science, are willing to engage in theoretical concepts and apply these through laboratory practicals, and who are committed to becoming an independent learner.

This degree aims to provide a progressive and multi-disciplinary programme that gives students the opportunity to gain an Honours-level degree qualification in the areas specific to sport and exercise science. The first year of the course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop an extensive understanding of sport and exercise science, while year two offers the opportunity to convert theoretical knowledge into practice. During the third year, students can choose modules based around their own interests and career goals, such as biomechanical analysis, sport and exercise nutrition, personal training and strength and conditioning. Students have the opportunity to undertake applied assessments and work placement opportunities in order to apply their learning in a real-world setting and to gain valuable work experience. Students who choose to undertake a placement are responsible for their travel, accommodation and general living costs.

Contact time can be in workshops, practical sessions, seminars or lectures and may vary from module to module and from academic year to year. Tutorial sessions and project supervision can take the form of one-to-one engagement or small group sessions. It is still the case that students read for a degree and this means that in addition to scheduled contact hours, students are required to engage in independent study. This allows you to read around a subject and to prepare for lectures and seminars through wider reading, or to complete follow up tasks such as assignments or revision.

This module seeks to examine the mechanics of human movement, identifying the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects of these forces. Particular emphasis will be placed on applying the theoretical principles of biomechanics to sport and exercise. Provide an opportunity to develop an understanding of the basic principles of biomechanics. Investigate the relationship between the theoretical principles of biomechanics and sports performance. Introduce students to the basic laboratory techniques for the biomechanical assessment of motion.

This module aims to provide the opportunity for students to develop a basic knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. The module seeks to focus on anatomical, biochemical and physiological integration necessary for human movement production. Initial examination aims to develop an understanding of structures and processes relating to biological energy processing and systems, and the relationship between anatomical structures and physical functions. Students have the opportunity to develop an integrated systems approach to human movement, examining endocrine, neural and muscular functions required for movement initiation. This module aims to introduce students to key concepts and theories that describe and explain the importance of psychology in sport, exercise and physical activity settings.

There is a focus on supporting students to understand how and why psychological factors are related to issues such as performance outcomes, participation rates and wellbeing. On this module, students have the opportunity to develop useful study skills for the sport and exercise scientist and benefit from an introduction to the underpinning concepts of scientific study and research methods. This module aims to enable students to benefit fully from the higher education learning environment and develop their reflective practice, alongside an understanding of the philosophy of science as related to scientific study in sport and exercise. This module aims to give students the opportunity to consolidate and expand their knowledge of the foundations of sport physiology developed at level one, by encouraging the application of the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology.

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