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High Frequency Words The first 1200 english words a child will see in writing by frequency of use. Readers Theater activities appropriate for Elementary School a porcupine named fluffy pdf. A link to my Math links page and hundreds of downloadable Daily Math Practice sheets I have uploaded.

A link to Music suitable for classrooms. All materials are ready for printing. Or the World renowned Khan Academy the amazing education site as seen on 60 minutes! Use your browser’s Back button to move back to this index page. Readers Theater To access a particular script, simply click on its title in the list.

You may opt to download the scripts as pdf files. I’ve had my RT materials posted online so I’ve decided to add this little bit right here. Vocabulary Words I always wanted RT to be a fun activity, so did not assign vocabulary words as homework. Character Part Assignment Believe it or not, some students do NOT want to participate. I thought would do the best with them, but not always.

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