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Please forward this error screen 50 things a gentleman should know pdf 69. We bought a bunch of furniture from Domain 3 years ago.

Though I normally avoid extended warranties and insurance – especially for stuff like this – one of the pieces was a light-colored upholstered sofa. We didn’t want to have some type of protective chemical applied to any of the furniture so we were going to decline the protection plan. We had a feeling the kids might mar the sofa in some way – and they did. A red marker stain now stretches about 4 feet across the sofa.

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It took a few days to track down the policy information and figure out the procedure for filing a claim with Guardsman. I called them to report the damage about a week or two after it occurred. While I was going through the hassle, I thought I’d get them to repair the back of an upholstered leather chair that was coming loose. When I called they took down all my information and then E-mailed me claim forms.